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It is not just about showing up. It is about surrounding yourself with the right people, partners, and tools. This is particularly true when it comes to ad expenditures for online marketing resources. Making an appearance is only effective if you are standing in front of the right people and delivering a message that creates a sale. We are here to help you do that.


Internet radio, web streaming, screencasts. Our broadcast media platforms offer the perfect balance of continuity and reach.

Online News

With 12 publications, each targeted toward unique segments, you will find the perfect way to communicate with your demographic.


Frackle Magazine is an elite, quarterly publication designed to hold "table life," giving ads repeat exposure and brand-building power.

Mobile Apps

Mobile-driven publicity is in its infancy and, with FMG Advertising, you will be privy to cutting-edge forms of modern marketing and SEO.

We are so proud of these numbers

Our flagship publication, Guardian Liberty Voice, was one of the fastest growing news sites on Google News in 2013 and 2014. With over 7 million viewers per month last year, we have positioned ourselves to offer you an even greater advertising audience in 2015.

6 700 000 Monthly Site Visitors
740 000 Friends and Followers
5 900 000 Unique Monthly Visits
46 900 000 Impressions Monthly

Our publications

We can share your victories with our entire network

One of the many great benefits of advertising with FMG is our ability to identify and target your ideal demographic. With an expansive variety of media marketing options, together we can design the perfect brand growth strategy to position your advertising effectively to achieve your goals.
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Stellar Stats Makes Us Better

Our proven success in multiple markets helps you seal the deal:


You'll never wonder who or how many customers you are reaching. Our targeted approach provides results that can be monitored and evaluated in real time.

Extended Reach

With 12 worldwide news sites, a regional magazine, and a station streaming your ads globally, you achieve the greatest name recognition possible.


We customize your approach to target your ads by audience, demographic, location, and more and provide you with a report direct from Google Analytics.

Big Partners

They say you are who you "hang" with. With FMG, you will be joining the most prestigious network of marketers and dream-builders on the planet.

About Us

Who we are

Our Mission

The mission of the Frackle Media Group is to gather together the best professionals across multiple platforms, disciplines and media to create a boldly inclusive team with the ability to reach the broadest possible audience across many outlets to offer our clients complete brand development services from one all-inclusive group.

Overview of Our Media

With approximately 7.5 million unique visitors reading our flagship publication, Guardian Liberty Voice, we are gathering up the steam required to acquire an impressive share of the news publication market. Our various publications, each reaching into a different customer base, expand our market penetration into demographics that no one platform could reach.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is one of teamwork. We move beyond the concept of clients, customers, readers and writers, moving beyond those relationships into partnerships. We look forward to becoming more acquainted with you and developing that close relationship. We approach each interaction with the highest level of professionalism, with trust as our guiding principle and accountability and performance our hallmark. At the apex our relationships is the cultivation of communication.

Our Bright Future

2014 was a phenomenal year for the company. 2015 will be the year of the Liberty Voice. We invite you to travel with us on the road to a new era in media publishing. The core value of this organization is teamwork. Trust in our people, our partners and our potential moves us beyond our goals, to higher profits and greater success.

So, Where Would You Like To Advertise?

Use the facts and stats below to select your highest potential return based on your objectives and target market. Unsure of which market you should be targeting? CONTACT OUR MARKETING EXPERTS and we'll help you evaluate your product, sector and domination opportunities to determine exactly where to focus your ad budget in order to yield your greatest return. Click a logo to see the possibilities...

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You can find our work and influence across the country and around the world. Our clients, customers and audiences come from around the globe to find out what we're doing online. They even travel to the location of our headquarters. Visiting the most fabulous city in the world? Let us know.

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